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Tower of fantasy

Tower Of Fantasy is here

The Next Big MMORPG Is Here. Are You Ready For It?!

Tower of Fantasy, the next big MMORPG is here

If you are familiar with games like BDO(Black Desert Online),WOW(Word Of Warcraft),Genshin impact… We have great news for you!
The Tower Of Fantasy a MMORPG released on 10th august.

with a pre-download version available on the 9th of this month on PC,IOS, and Android.

This open world game is about a new civilization created by humans on a planet called Aida. where a power energy called Omnium was discovered in a Comet.

Moving to the gameplay, in tower of fantasy. you can design your character and level up by daily playing with friends . taking over raids, bosses , monsters, or even PVP. Each character you use has up to 3 weapons with unique abilities and a variety of flashy attacks and combos that can change from one weapon to another. Weapons are classified into 3 categories(R, SR, and SSR being the strongest ones) each one of them has its own element(lightning, fire, snow, etc)They give extra stats to your hero and boost his abilities like strength, agility, defense. and each one of them is for a type of hero(DPS, Tank or Healer). One other feature of weapons is that they’re upgradable by using resources(accessible from the inventory/backpack) you get from killing monsters or collecting while traveling the open world.

And since the game has a gacha system, you can get new heroes every now and then by summoning them on new banners. By using in-game resources like(dark crystal) and others, used for both weapons and characters. The drop rate of SSR and SR units is not the same on every banner, so be sure to see what suits you best before spending the resources you got from the storyline. Take notice that limited banners will go away after some time in order to have new ones containing new characters and weapons. For those of you who have no idea what that is, it’s a system that gives you a guaranteed SSR after you’ve done a certain number of summons while maximising your chances of getting the new character.

Next. let’s talk about missions and events. There are 3 types of missions: daily missions, weekly missions, and story missions. By completing each one of these, you get various rewards that’ll help you through your journey in the game.

Oh and guilds.. they exist in this game, and unlike most games where guilds contain 30-50 members, Tower of Fantasy has a guild system capable of gathering about 150 players in the same guild , having them achieve goals and contribute with others , as well as a donation resources system if they are of no use to you . Weekly crew rewards await each one of the guild members after having finished many tasks and missions, but these aren’t the only rewards you can get . By leveling up or by completing the game pass, which has a time limit to be completed in with many normal rewards and advanced rewards depending on the battle pass(free to play or pay to play).

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