Cobra DMR Leak Fortnite - Unveiling the Exciting Details

Cobra DMR Leak Fortnite – Unveiling the Exciting Details

Cobra DMR Leak Fortnite – Unveiling the Exciting Details

Fortnite Leaks: Cobra DMR on the Horizon

Fortnite players, rejoice! A recent datamine has revealed exciting details about a new weapon that might soon grace the Battle Royale island. Let’s dive into the juicy tidbits and explore what’s in store for us.

The DMR is a popular choice for mid to long-range combat in Fortnite. Now, a leak suggests that an enhanced version of the beloved Marksman Rifle, known as the Cobra DMR, is on its way in Fortnite Chapter 3 Season 4. While the Cobra DMR remains shrouded in mystery, let’s take a closer look at the leaked stats for another DMR that could be introduced soon.

The upcoming DMR comes in five rarities, each with its own set of attributes:

Ranging from 58 to 70.

Varies from 63 to 77.

Impressive numbers, spanning from 102 to 123.

Depending on rarity, it ranges from 2.8 seconds to 2.1 seconds.

Holds seven bullets.

Steady at 1.5 shots per second.

Remember that these stats are subject to minor adjustments before the weapon’s official release.

The new DMR could make its debut with the launch of Fortnite’s next season, following the conclusion of Chapter 5 Season 1 (which ends on March 8). Rumors are swirling about a Greek mythology theme for the upcoming season, so we might see additional items or mechanics alongside this potent rifle.

Fortnite enthusiasts, keep your eyes peeled for the Cobra DMR, and get ready to wield its power on the battlefield! 🚀🔫

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