Ni no Kuni: Cross Worlds May 2023 Update Overview

Ni no Kuni: Cross Worlds May 2023 Update Overview

Ni no Kuni: Cross Worlds May 2023 Update Overview

Ni no Kuni: Cross Worlds May 2023 Update: What’s New?

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Ni no Kuni: Cross Worlds, the popular mobile game from Netmarble, has just received its May 2023 update. This update brings a lot of new content and features, including a new episode, costumes, familiars, and several in-game activities. Let’s take a closer look at what the update has to offer.

New Episode: Goldbeard’s Treasure Island

The highlight of the May 2023 update is the new episode, Goldbeard’s Treasure Island. In this episode, players will face off against the pirate-turned-Kraken Goldbeard in a marine warfare dungeon. Players can take on this dungeon in solo mode or with up to five players in Reputation Quests. The episode also includes exclusive tales for players to discover. If you complete the dungeon, you can earn Episode EXP, the Palm Tree Island Puzzle Pack, and a 4 Purrloiner, depending on your tier.

Rewards and Equipment

Players can discover various rewards and equipment as they explore the Vermuda Archipelago, such as the Pirate Badges, Pirate Code Piece Chest, and Suspicious Key. If you encounter difficulty in an episode, you can use the Telescope to search for the required abilities to advance. Additionally, completing Episode Dungeons earns you Episode EXP, which can be utilized to enhance your Telescope skill level.

Familiars and Cosmetics

The May 2023 update introduces several new familiars and cosmetic items. The Episode Pass offers numerous rewards, including the 4★Purrloiner, the First Mate title, and Familiar Summon Coupons. You can also access the episode through the Premium Pass, which offers benefits like toys for 4★Familiar, an Luxurious Palm Tree Island puzzle pack, and pirate badges.

New Events

Players can participate in three new events with the May 2023 update:

Find the Secret Navigation Log!

This event requires players to complete a straightforward mission to obtain the Navigation Log event item. You can then trade these items for various rewards, including “Goldbeard’s Hat,” “Crystal Orb Summon Coupon,” “Miraculous Crystal Orb Warding Doll,” and more.

Purrloiner Power Up Event

Players can power up their Purrloiner to acquire goods like the Jelly Bottle and 4 Purrloiner.

Catch Pirate King Cluu! Event

Event Tickets can be used to play the minigame, The Catch Pirate King Cluu. Players can purchase items like the 6 Toy Chest, Familiar Summon Coupon, and Toy Combining Kit.


The May 2023 update for Ni no Kuni: Cross Worlds is packed with new content and features. From the new episode and rewards to familiars and cosmetics, players have a lot to look forward to. With the addition of new events, players can participate in exciting challenges to earn even more rewards.

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