Game Over: Marvel Future Revolution's Services Ending

Game Over: Marvel Future Revolution’s Services Ending

Game Over: Marvel Future Revolution’s Services Ending

Netmarble’s Marvel Future Revolution will shut down on August 25, 2023


In a surprising turn of events, Netmarble’s highly anticipated open-world action RPG, Marvel Future Revolution, is set to shut down and end its services globally on August 25th, 2023. This announcement comes as a shock to many fans, as the game will cease to exist exactly two years after its global launch date. Despite its initial popularity and massive following, a lack of consistent updates and gameplay improvements have ultimately led to this unfortunate outcome.

The Rise and Fall of Marvel Future Revolution

A Promising Start

Marvel Future Revolution was first announced in 2021, promising players an immersive experience where they could embark on an epic journey with their favorite Marvel Super Heroes. Developed using the powerful Unreal Engine, the game quickly gained traction due to its user-friendly controls and captivating combat mechanics, all wrapped in stunning 3D visuals.

Inconsistencies in Updates and Gameplay

However, as time went on, players began to notice inconsistencies in terms of updates and gameplay enhancements. This became a significant drawback for the game, as even with over 10 million global downloads, it failed to keep up with the demands and expectations of its dedicated player base. This lack of consistent updates and failure to maintain game quality has ultimately led to the decision to shut down Marvel Future Revolution.

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The End of Services

Netmarble has provided a clear schedule for the end of services, purchase availability, and closure of the official community. The following timetable has been outlined based on different time zones:

Time StandardUTC +9UTC+1UTC-5UTC-8
End of Services8/25 11:008/25 03:008/24 21:008/24 18:00
End of Purchase6/2 12:006/2 04:006/1 22:006/1 19:00
Community Closure8/25 11:008/25 03:008/24 21:008/24 18:00

Despite the impending shut down, there has been minimal communication from Netmarble regarding the reasons behind this decision. However, a line mentioned in an October 2022 update sheds some light on the matter. It appears that the game’s failure to consistently provide substantial updates and maintain a high level of game quality has ultimately led to its downfall.

A Disheartening Loss

It is always disheartening to witness the discontinuation of a beloved mobile game, especially one with such promising potential and a considerable number of downloads. The news of Marvel Future Revolution’s impending shutdown has left many fans in a state of dismay. With the game’s closure, players will now have to seek out alternative titles to fill the void left by this once highly anticipated and popular game.


Netmarble’s Marvel Future Revolution will be bidding farewell to its players on August 25th, 2023, marking the end of an era for this open-world action RPG. Despite its initial success and global popularity, the game’s failure to provide consistent updates and maintain a high level of quality has ultimately led to its demise. As players and fans come to terms with this unfortunate news, they will undoubtedly look for new gaming experiences to capture their imagination and fill the void left by Marvel Future Revolution’s closure.

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