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Worldwide celebration dokkan battle

Dokkan Battle

Worldwide celebration dokkan battle

Worldwide download celebration countdown is here(dragon ball Z: Dokkan Battle)!

For those of you who don’t know. Dokkan Battle, the god of gacha games, is celebrating its next campaign on the 28th of this month. And the theme is Cooler’s movie boss. alongside Goku Super Sayain.

The data download and a couple of other details are live!
The celebration is a collaboration. Where the global and Japanese versions of dokkan battle share a couple banners and some new events for you to defeat with friends.
They added a new cell 2nd form as a boss. That’s said to be the hardest boss so far. But in this game, players have an equal chance to grow a good set of characters to defeat such events.

There will also be free stones exchangeable for tickets during the celebration of dokkan battle as two new free to play banners will drop where you can summon for many categories and arcs(like the namek arc, pur blooded/Hybrid sayains, buu Saga,etc..).
The best part is that they are F2P, so you can get around a hundred of them without spending a single dollar, which can give up to three guaranteed SSRs and one LR, so it is a great opportunity for new players to join the game. But the real deal is yet to come. Two other banners will drop later on in dokkan battle with 10 featured characters each, and trust me, you shouldn’t sleep on these units because I won’t for sure. Last but not least, the link leveling event is back and it will help players get their stats up on their chosen characters. Keep in mind that this is 7 days before the actual celebration begins! We’ll be getting more informations as the campaign gets closer to its start.

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