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Horse Tales: Emerald Valley Ranch

Horse Tales: Emerald Valley Ranch

New horse game coming out soon!

Horse Tales: Emerald Valley Ranch

First look on Horse Tales: Emerald Valley Ranch

Horse Tales: Emerald Valley Ranch is an open-world adventure game. It will release in November 2022 on the Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4|5, and PC. 


Discover the secrets hidden on the island. Breed, tame, and train horses—each with their own strengths and characteristics—and take part in thrilling races. Your aunt has really let the family estate fall into disrepair—what remains of the once glorious stud farm is now rubble and ruins, and you are the only one who can do anything about it.


In Horse Tales, the landscape is incredibly beautiful. The graphic style is also well done. Even though it’s a matter of taste, you’ll probably enjoy it. The way water and shadows are presented in this game are fantastic as well. 
There is equipment in Horse Tales. Such as striped caps, gaiters in the front and prank flaps. You can also set different tail rides. 
You’ll also experience more than one site. There are lakes and rivers, Amazon deserts and sand, coastal areas, and many more. Expect nothing less than a variety of areas and things to discover in an open world game. 
One of the beautiful and fun aspects of this game is is the ability to approach random horses, gain their trust, and have them trained by you. Different colors, different breeds, and abilities such as strength, endurance, speed, and others. This also helps in breeding horses with amazing skills to achieve better lineage. Taking care of horses in horse tales is very rewarding as you gain affection and trust from them. Feed them, wash their bodies and take them on a walk to stay friendly and close. 
The best part about Horse Tales is winning races and finishing quests. Roam around the city and complete objectives and quests to receive multiple rewards.

For visual gameplay details check out this video.
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