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High on Life

High on Life

A fun Upcoming FPS game!

High on Life

High on life First look

High on Life is a first-person shooter game by Squanch Games coming exclusively to the Xbox console on December 12, 2022.


As humanity is already suffering from the conflicts in High on life world. A dangerous alien drug cartel discovers earth, their leader grabs a human and absorbs him. Somehow humans make these aliens get high, only to teleport away afterwards and disappear.
Later on, you find yourself in a tight spot where we humans serve as drugs for aliens to get high off of. Small aliens and animals like pets are also sold as drugs.
Using your gun called “Kenny”, a talking alien, He guides you from being a little high school kid to becoming the savior of this planet.


As for the gameplay. In High on life, the players decide your next move and what monsters to hunt first and in what order.
One of the fun aspects or mechanics of this game is killing a boss. Whenever you finish off a cartel leader, you rescue a Gatlin and unlock a new weapon/gun. Each one has a unique personality and weapon “ability” that you can upgrade as well. They have backstories and dreams so be sure to treat them as your companion and not parasites.
The way bounties work in High on life is so fun. After choosing a bounty boss and fighting them and rescuing a gun. You get to use 2 guns for the next bounty boss to free the 3rd one. Of course, as we mentioned before each one of them has his own skillset and abilities as well as personalities.
Since choosing the next bounty boss is up to you, there is replayability option in High on life. Imagine choosing different bosses to go for using new weapons from the last time. It woold certainly give new experience and fun touch to the game story.

For more gameplay details check out this video.
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