Fortnite x Coachella 2023: An Exciting Crossover Event

Fortnite x Coachella 2023: An Exciting Crossover Event

Fortnite x Coachella 2023: An Exciting Crossover Event

Epic Games Announces Coachella Festival 2023 Event in Fortnite

Fortnite players and music enthusiasts are in for a treat as Epic Games, in partnership with Alliance Studios, announces the return of the Coachella Music and Arts Festival in Fortnite. The event features an all-new Coachella Island in Creative 2.0 mode, where players can complete quests, earn XP, and unlock exclusive cosmetics.

Coachella Island in Fortnite

Coachella Island is a new Creative 2.0 experience that players can access from April 14 to April 28, 2023. The island, available in the Discover section, allows players to explore different areas such as the Art Park and team vs. team minigames. Players can also uncover secrets while on the island.

To access Coachella Island, players need to go to the Discovery page, select the Island Code option, enter the code 5449-4207-1280, and press enter. Players can also find the island in the “Epic’s Picks” section of the Discovery page. Once on the Creative island, players can enjoy different games and music, including performances by Porter Robinson, one of the Coachella performers.

Fortnite x Coachella 2023
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Coachella Quests and Rewards

Completing the Coachella Quests on Coachella Island will reward players with XP and exclusive cosmetic items. The Quests will assess players’ parkour abilities, challenge them with various mini-games, and require them to dance with gusto. The initial Quests will be available in-game from April 14 at 3 PM ET to April 28, 2023, at 12 PM ET, while the updated Quests will be live in-game from April 21 at 12 PM ET to April 28, 2023, at 12 PM ET.

the following items can be earned from completing the Coachella Quests:

  • Hi-Fi Cacti Spray (Earnable from either the first or second set of Quests)
  • Look At The Sky Lobby Track (Earnable from either the first or second set of Quests)
  • Cact-eye Emoticon (Earnable from either the first or second set of Quests)
  • Coachella Sunset Spray (Earnable from the second set of Quests only)

To obtain these rewards, players need to connect their Discord and Epic Games accounts by following these steps:

  • Join an official Fortnite Discord server or add the Fortnite bot to your personal Discord.
  • Check the Coachella quest page in the Fortnite Discord.
  • Click the “Start” button in the channel.
  • Link your Epic Games account here using your login information.

Once connected, players will receive their first task in Discord. Completing one task will earn the Coachella Island banner icon, while completing three tasks will unlock the Head in the Cloud emoticon.

Good Vibes Fortography 2023 Event

Players who wish to have their in-game screenshots recognized can participate in the Good Vibes Fortography 2023 social media event. Participants are encouraged to share their photos on Twitter using the #Fortography hashtag or on the r/FortNiteBR subreddit with the “Fortography” post flair. Epic will feature the best photos in the Art Park on Coachella Island from April 21 at 2 pm CT to April 28 at 11 pm CT.

Icon Radio and Coachella Performers

which changes the color of the Outfit and accessories based on the music being played. The Desert Dawn Lyric Outfit features lyrics from Coachella artists and comes with the Desert Mirage Back Bling and the Desert Echo Pickaxe.

In addition, the Item Shop will feature the Hi-Fi Cacti Spray and Look At The Sky Lobby Track, which are also obtainable through completing the Coachella Quests.

The game Music and Arts Festival has been a staple of American culture since its inception in 1999. Epic Games’ inclusion of Coachella in Fortnite not only expands the reach of the festival but also allows players to experience it in a unique and interactive way.

From exploring the different areas of Coachella Island to completing the Coachella Quests, players can immerse themselves in the festival and earn rewards for their efforts. Additionally, the Good Vibes Fortography event and Icon Radio allow players to continue experiencing Coachella even after they’ve logged off Fortnite.

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