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dragon ball the breakers

Dragon ball the breakers

Bandai Namco’s next big dragon ball game is here!

dragon ball the breakers

First look on Dragon Ball the Breakers

Dragon ball the breakers is an upcoming asymmetrical action game developed by Dimps. It takes place in the same universe as the Dragon Ball Xenoverse games. It’s coming out the October 14, 2022, on PS4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch and PC (Steam).


Unlike the manga/ anime storyline. Dragon ball the breakers has its own story as it sees seven ordinary people face an unexpected temporal event. Thus, they are trapped in a temporal space with the well-known villain freezer a raider from a different timeline. you’ll join forces with other players and work together to escape this nightmare.


Just like many games such as dead by daylight or Friday the 13th. Dragon ball the breakers is an asymmetrical multiplayer game of up to seven players. Firstly, each of the players can chose to help, teamwork or hide while one of the players is the raider chasing after you. Secondly, while survivors do their best to stay alive and get out of this timeline, the raider destroys the time machines and traps them until time runs out to win.
Dragon ball the breakers survivors consist of bulma and oolong the pork. Along with earthlings that lack both powers and agility, they rely on items and stealth. However, raiders consist of cell, buu and freeze. Each one of them starts at level 1 with his base form and evolves throughout the game. For example, cell can reach his other forms by absorbing other players and NPCS’. Accordingly, every form gives more health, agility, damage and abilities to raiders.
Finally, in Dragon ball the breakers. Survivors need to find power keys around the map to activate the time machine. Though, they need to protect them until a certain time passes which makes it easier for the raider and harder for the survivors.
So many other features are coming on this game, be sure to check them out in this video
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