Clash Royale Barbarian to Receive Card Evolution in June

Clash Royale Barbarian to Receive Card Evolution in June

Clash Royale Barbarian to Receive Card Evolution in June

Clash Royale’s Barbarian to Receive Card Evolution in June

Clash Royale, the popular mobile game, has recently announced that the Barbarian card in the game will be receiving a Card Evolution update in June this year. While specific details about the evolution are currently unknown, the cover poster featuring the Barbarian has sparked curiosity and anticipation among players for what is to come in the following month.

The Barbarian Card in Clash Royale

The Barbarians card is a Common card in Clash Royale and is one of the early unlocked cards in the game. These sword-wielding fighters possess moderate hitpoints and deal a decent amount of damage. However, due to their relatively slow movement speed, they are not frequently utilized by players. Alongside the Barbarians, there are several other cards in the game that spawn these sword-equipped fighters, including the Barbarian Hut, Battle Ram, Barbarian Barrel, and Barbarian Launcher.

A Mysterious Evolution Announcement

Two weeks ago, Clash Royale made the first announcement regarding the card evolution, but they kept the name of the card a secret. This sparked a wave of speculation and creative theories among players about what the evolution could entail.

Speculation and Theories

While specific details are scarce, we can gather some insights from the poster released by the official Clash Royale account. The poster depicts the Barbarian with a Thor-like vibe, surrounded by striking lightning. The design of the sword also appears unique, leading us to speculate that the evolved Barbarian may possess the ability to strike down enemy units with lightning for the first time, similar to the Champions who already possess unique abilities.

Image via Supercell

Evolution of Existing Cards

It wouldn’t be surprising if Clash Royale introduces more map evolutions to existing maps in the future, especially if the barbarian evolutions are popular with the fanbase. The game developers have a history of updating and balancing the game regularly to keep it fresh and engaging for players. As we eagerly await the June 2023 update, we can anticipate witnessing the evolved Barbarian in action.


The upcoming Card Evolution update for the Barbarian in Clash Royale has stirred excitement among players. While the exact details of the evolution remain shrouded in mystery, the hints from the cover poster have sparked numerous theories about the Barbarian’s new abilities. Clash Royale players can look forward to the June update, where they will finally get to witness the evolved Barbarian in action. Stay tuned for more updates and prepare for a thrilling new chapter in Clash Royale’s gameplay.

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