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The Chant

the chant

Upcoming Third Person Horror Action-Adventure Game!

The Chant

First look on the chant

The Chant is a single-player, third-person action horror game. Coming out the 3rd of November of this year (2022) on PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X | S, and PC.


The Chant is a third-person horror action game set on a Pacific Northwest Island. Where an unlucky group of friends meet a group of bizarre individuals named the chant. These bizarre individuals create an other-dimensional psychedelic world named The Gloom. which leads to a series of events with many horrors and dimensional madness. The sole goal in this game is to survive and find your way out.


Moving on to the gameplay Firstly, even though the chant follows a storyline, there are multiple endings. Depending on how your actions as Jess play out in the game’s scenario, your decision makes a difference. Secondly, stuck on an island, you explore each and every corner you possibly can. You discover new areas and survive against horrible creatures that can kill you. But worry less, you can fight back. Your weapons consist of a sage stick, a fire lash, salt, and many more. While progressing in the game, you unlock the ability to use a gloom, a massive energy blast that disperses enemies in its range. And while fighting is possible, stealth and hiding may save you more resources than you think.

Thirdly, the chant has more than just these horrible creatures to be aware of. The group of friends we talked about earlier experienced some weird and traumatising situations and hunted anything on their way. Fourthly, crafting and managing resources is crucial in the chant. So far, crafting herbs is at least confirmed. Their utility is still unknown though. We expect to see multiple types of plants, some for health, some for mental state and other stats. Meanwhile, you have limited resources. Don’t go around wasting them on every enemy you encounter.

For visual details checkout this video
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