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Kena: Bridge of Spirits

Kena: Bridge of Spirits

Kena: Bridge of Spirits

Kena Bridge of Spirits

The Kena Bridge of Spirits, a 3D open world game  releases an update on the 27th of September for the 1 year anniversary. Many changes are coming.
Accordingly. Kena is basically a spirit guide searching for a sacred mountain shrine that helps spirits that are unable to move to the next life. Each of them has different reasons for hanging on to the living world, like unfinished business, guilt, or other causes.

In Kena Bridge of Spirits. The story, the character development, the flashbacks, the history of the spirits we guide.. everything smoothly done in a way that makes you want to dive deeper into the game to fight and solve riddles.. The rots, in my opinion, are the best parts of the game. Having the cute little creatures help me beat enemies is my favorite part of the show. Another good aspect about the game is the ability to upgrade your moves for stronger melee and ranged attacks.

Moving on to the latest upcoming update A new game plus in which players will experience the game in such a way that they will face difficult foes while keeping the previously unlocked items. Many bosses have additional phases or attacks. With Charmstones, which is a new feature added to the game, you can win the fights. They are collectable items that buff and debuff your character in different ways, like adding agility while minimizing damage or other combinations.
A new game mode called the Spirit Guide Trials that has 3 categories: (Wave Defense, Obstacle Courses, and Boss Reflects) . Shall challenge players to test their experience in combat that they gathered during their journey.

Next thing you know. Completing the spirit guide tirals gives you acces to knew Kena outfits with many color variations. Each of them inspired by characters meets on her journey. There is a limited outfit for those with Deluxe edition of the game.

Overall if you’re looking to chill and fun quality time this game is definetly an option to check.

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