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Last of Us

Last of Us

An upcoming remake for The last Of Us?

Last of Us

For those of you unfamiliar with The Last of Us, It’s a game by Naughty Dog. It’s about the story of Joel and Ellie on their journey to try and find a cure for the apocaliptic world they live in. The events of the game take place in the United States, where you must survive in pain and misery as a result of the apocalypse.  The story begins 2 decades before Joel loses his young daughter at the beginning of the apocalypse. After losing his child , Joel finds there isn’t much worth living for. But as he meets Eli, their relationship evolves and she becomes like his little girl, whom he has to protect with all the weapons available , at the cost of his life if that’s what it takes.

Jumping to the main topic The last of us came back with a remake of the first part of the game on September 2nd. And it’s exclusive to the PS5 for now. 
But don’t confuse things. A remake is not a remaster! A remake is basically rebuilt from scratch with improved mechanics like improving the Ai, which is good for stealth gameplay, accecibility features, and other things. The remastered reissues upgrade the visuals while keeping the same content.

Next up is a list of things improved :
-Barn falling apart. The house in which Joel and his daughter lived burns in a more realistic way.
-blood splaters in a clearer, more realistic way that gives you chills.

-Facial animations got a huge upgrade.
-Increased plants and decorations.

-Lights and contact with water as well as explosions are more realistic and affect surroundings like windows.

-Loading scenes, loading screens, and transitions are smoother.

-Increased breakable objects that give a realistic aspect to the game.

-Infected models improve visually.

Feel free to check this video for visual context

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