Cookie Run: Kingdom Announces China Pre-Registration

Cookie Run: Kingdom Announces China Pre-Registration

Cookie Run: Kingdom Announces China Pre-Registration

Cookie Run: Kingdom Announces Pre-Registration for Its Release in Mainland China


Cookie Run: Kingdom, the award-winning mobile game, has announced its release in mainland China in association with Chinese game businesses Changyou and Tencent Games. The developers have partnered with both gaming firms to maximize content for gamers in China, and now they have announced the pre-registration of the game prior to its release.

A character-collecting role-playing game, Cookie Run: Kingdom, has been a huge success since its 2021 release, reaching 50 million users overall in less than two years. It has earned prizes at prestigious domestic and international awards and accolades and has led gaming rankings in Korea, the United States, and Japan.

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Pre-registration for Cookie Run: Kingdom in China became available on the official Chinese website and social media platforms on the 28th of April. The announcement of the joint publishing of Chinese game developer Changyu and Tencent Games in March last year sent a signal to enter the Chinese market seriously, and now Cookie Run: Kingdom has made a serious foray into China.

Content Tailored for Chinese Consumers

Cookie Run: Kingdom spreads the concept that “love heals all” while also offering content tailored for Chinese consumers on official social media platforms. The game has also sped up development in order to ensure that the content is up-to-date and relevant to Chinese gamers.

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Redeem Rewards for Pre-Registration

All pre-registered players for Cookie Run: Kingdom in China will receive game rewards such as 2 special cookie cutters, 200 crystals, 10 level 3 candies of experience, and 10,000 coins. In addition, a new localized film and a reward event have been made available on the Chinese official website and social media platforms for pre-registration participants.

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