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Final Fantasy 16 is back with many things. Stay with us while we go through the details!

Final fantasy

The Final Fantasy game is taking action in Valisthea. Where crystals scattered throughout the world give off magic, which can be used for many purposes, such as creating power and safety for themselves, so it’s only natural that big cities and civilisations expend around these crystals. However, something acknowledged as “The Blight” threatens the peace of Valisthea. Therefore, the great powers of the world are facing one another.

Moving on to the fun part. Dominance are coming back. The individuals with powerful creatures known as icons living inside of them. They are capable of calling forth their abilities and strength to defend their cause. Take note that dominance are born with these abilities and live their lives as heroes or villains, depending on how they are actions. 

Moving on to the world where the game takes action. It splits into many realms, each ruled by their own leaders.
The Grand duchy of Rosaria, tied to the dominant Phoenix serving as a champion of the emperor.
The kingdom of Waloed is another realm that struggles against orcs, while the dominance is the actual ruler of that realm.
There are other realms such as ” The Dhalmekian Republic” , “The Iron Kingdom”,” The Crystalline Dominion” for us to discover and fight many characters within.
Speaking of characters, A few of them are taking the spotlight in Final Fantasy 16. Clive and Joshua Rosefield are the arcduke’s sons. Clive was supposed to inherit the dominant title from his father. But the Phoenix chose his brother, putting Clive Rosaria’s shield in charge of protecting the Phoenix. Another main character is Jill, a ward of Rosa, who is like a sister to the two brothers. Hugo Kepka and Harmon Benedicta are also part of this game’s main characters.
The game comes out in 2023. In the meantime, wait for more details.
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