Thunder Jack: The New Hero of Battle Cats

Thunder Jack: The New Hero of Battle Cats

Thunder Jack: The New Hero of Battle Cats

Thunder Jack: The New Hero in The Battle Cats’ Dark Heroes Lineup

Introduction of The Battle Cats

In the vast universe of The Battle Cats, a renowned tower defense strategy app developed by PONOS Corporation, the valiant protectors known as the Dark Heroes have recently welcomed a new member to their ranks. Thunder Jack, an electric-powered warrior, joins the battle to defend Catkind against the looming alien invasion. This article explores the formidable abilities of Thunder Jack, his role in the Dark Heroes team, and how players can acquire this exceptionally powerful ally.

The Rise of Thunder Jack (The Battle Cats)

Catkind’s Last Line of Defense (The Battle Cats)

As the Dark Heroes stand as Catkind’s last line of defense, they continuously seek to bolster their forces with new champions of justice. Thunder Jack, a high school student blessed with extraordinary abilities, emerges as a formidable addition to their ranks.

Lightning as a Weapon

With the power to summon and control lightning, Thunder Jack possesses a unique advantage over his adversaries. His lightning strikes not only repel celestial beings but also prove effective against extraterrestrial invaders.

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Thunder Jack’s Evolution

Unleashing New Powers

Upon evolving into his second form, Thunder Jack unlocks a whole new set of powers and capabilities. This evolution enhances his combat effectiveness, making him an even more valuable asset to the Dark Heroes team.

Thunder Jack’s Specialization

Expert Zombie Defense

One area where Thunder Jack of The Battle Cats truly shines is in defending against burrowing Zombies. His exceptional skills in combating this specific threat make him an invaluable asset in battles against the undead. Among the Dark Heroes, Thunder Jack, alongside Shigong, stands out as the most proficient defender against Zombies.

A Worthy Alternative

Thunder Jack also serves as a suitable alternative to the lesser demon cat. Players who seek a powerful and reliable defender for their fort can rely on Thunder Jack’s abilities. However, it’s worth noting that his performance in the end game may be limited unless players invest dark cateyes to maximize his level to 60.

Image via PONOS Corporation

Acquiring Thunder Jack

To add Thunder Jack to their Cat Army, players have a limited time frame to visit The Battle Cats’ Rare Capsule machine. Between May 12th at 11:00 am and May 15th at 10:59 am in 2023, players can try their luck at obtaining Thunder Jack from the Dark Heroes Rare Capsule set.

Exceptionally Rare Hero Promotion

As an incentive, a special promotion accompanies the availability of Thunder Jack. Every 11-capsule draw guarantees the acquisition of an exceptionally rare hero. This increases the chances for players to obtain Thunder Jack during this exclusive event.

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