Free Fire OB39 Update: New Features, Character and Pet Updates

Free Fire OB39 Update: New Features, Character and Pet Updates


Free Fire OB39 Update: New Features, Character and Pet Updates

Free Fire OB39 Update: New Features, Character and Pet Updates, Battle Royale Changes and More

Free Fire, the popular mobile battle royale game, is gearing up for a major update. On March 22/2023, the eagerly anticipated Free Fire OB39 upgrade is scheduled for release. There are numerous new features, game types, weaponry, pets, and other additions in this release. The developers have brought multiple quality-of-life improvements alongside several new features in both BR and CS modes.

Character and Pet Updates in Free Fire OB39 update

Abilities are one of the most recognizable things in Free Fire, and Garena has assured all players to experience using their character’s abilities in a smoother way. Here are the key highlights of the changes coming to Character and Pet Mechanics:

  • All characters obtained using Gold.
  • Character and pet talents are directly acquired at full power. Levels no longer affect skill attributes.
  • Changing the character will only affect appearance. To quickly change the combination of skills, you can change it through your skill presets. You can change character skill in preset.
  • The character page now contains a custom section. Default. You can change up to 5 preset combos here, including character appearance, character skills, pet skills, and equipment.
  • You can link Presets to details in various modes (Battle Royale, Contra Squad, Gladiators, etc.). The default will be automatically used for this mode.
  • You can copy and paste preset codes (either someone else’s or your own) into the new slot, or you can use the recommended presets.
  • You can view the character list by pressing your character. We also added artistic skins for different characters.

Changes to the Pet System

Character and Pet Updates in Free Fire OB39 update
Image via Garena

The pet system is now part of the character version.

  • You can now hide your pet during the game. (Once set, your pet will be automatically hidden during the match; there is no need to repeat it again.)
  • Pet levels changed from 7 to 4 (only reward levels still exist). The total rewards have not changed, and data from the previous tier will be forwarded.

Awakening the Character will be easier

  • Get quest progress only by using the skills of the character you want to awaken.
  • Quests will not be updated daily, so the progress collected will not be lost.
  • Less gold will be needed to upgrade quests.

Character Skill changes

Here’s how the skills of the following characters will look after the Free Fire update in March 2023:

  • Ford: Restores HP points for a few seconds after damage.
  • Xtrema: Increases HP and recovery effectiveness when using skills.
  • Diana: Increases fire rate and movement speed after defeating enemies in matches.
  • Otto: Creates a field that slows down and marks enemies as they fall
  • Alok: will recover 3 HP for 10 seconds.

New Character in Free Fire OB39 update: Orion

Orion is someone struggling to find his identity in a world that has taken everything he has. Your journey is the journey of someone looking for their place in this world. Its ability called the Purple Wave keeps users immune to damage for some time and absorbs their enemies’ HP.

Orion has the Crimson Energy talent, which allows him to unleash power to make him immune to damage for a while and absorb HP from enemies. This energy gives Orion an advantage and more opportunities.

New Awakened Character in Free Fire OB39 update: Alvaro

The Free Fire OB39 update will also include the new awakened character Alvaro in addition to the new character Orion. With his “Art of Demolition” skill, Alvaro can divide thrown grenades into three pieces, each of which causes 30% more damage than the original grenade. Currently, grenade damage is increased by 20%, however, following the changes, it will increase by 30%.

A former demolition expert team of Alvaro’s was lost and he was presumed dead. However, to his surprise, he emerged from the rubble of a collapsed building with his body rebuilt using cybernetic enhancements. Alvaro’s backstory and abilities add a unique flavor to the game and make him a compelling addition to the character roster.

Players will also be able to earn Alvaro’s awakened tokens through the new mission system, making it easier for them to unlock and upgrade the character.

ؤ: Battle Royale changes

New Weapons and Items In the OB39 update, Free Fire will introduce new weapons and items that will bring new gameplay dynamics to the game.

New Weapons:

  1. XM8 Assault Rifle: A new AR with fast firing and excellent stability. It will come equipped with a built-in scope and can use up to a level 3 muzzle attachment.
  2. M82B Sniper Rifle: This new sniper rifle has high accuracy, a high rate of fire, and can penetrate level 3 armor.


  1. Wall Grenade: A grenade that can create a temporary wall to block enemy movement.
  2. Drone: A device that can fly and survey the area, providing tactical advantages to the player.

Improved Rank

System The rank system in Free Fire has undergone significant changes with the OB39 update. Players can now gain or lose more rank points in a single match, depending on their performance. The rank system has also been optimized to ensure that players are matched with opponents of similar skill levels.

Final Thoughts

The Free Fire OB39 update is one of the biggest updates the game has seen, bringing a ton of new content and features to the game. The changes to the character and pet mechanics, new weapons and items, and improvements to the rank system are sure to bring a new level of excitement to Free Fire players. With the release date set for March 22nd, 2023, players can expect a brand-new gaming experience that will keep them coming back for more.

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