KartRider: Drift Mid-Season One Update Improvements

KartRider: Drift Mid-Season One Update Improvements

KartRider: Drift Mid-Season One Update Improvements

KartRider: Drift Mid-Season One Update Improvements

Kart Upgrade Costs

The Kart Upgrade Costs have undergone a significant change in the mid-season one update of KartRider: Drift, allowing racers to fine-tune their karts’ driving performance at a reduced cost. The Kart Upgrade system now offers lower costs than before. After the patch, racers only need 5,000 Lucci (in-game currency) to reset their kart’s gears, irrespective of rank. This is a substantial cost savings compared to the previous fees for resetting a kart at Fine rank (7,000 Lucci) or Rare rank (14,000 Lucci). As a result, players can experiment with different karts and tuning options, leading to more exhilarating racing experiences.

Kart Balancing

To highlight the uniqueness of each owned kart, KartRider: Drift has incorporated another feature in the mid-season update called Kart Balancing. Game Director Cho revealed in the Developer Blog post that the five karts now have distinct qualities that differentiate them through the License system objectives and Racing Pass. The purpose of this update is to ensure the fairness of the existing karts while introducing new variations in their performance that players can obtain. The Developer Blog post highlights specific karts, offering players valuable insights into the Kart balancing updates.

New Content

KartRider: Drift’s mid-season one update also introduces a brand-new game mode called Factory Run. The game mode pits a group of four players against 36 AI racers on a track with a “Factory” theme, which is the setting for Season 1. Players race conventionally while collecting items to use against their rivals. If enough AI racers pass them, the players will transform into an android kart with the new objective of disqualifying former comrades from the race. This game mode is fast-paced and exciting, offering KartRider: Drift racers a fresh opportunity to test their drifting skills and control the pandemonium on the track.

Closing Thoughts

Game Director Cho emphasized in the Developer Blog post that the KartRider: Drift development team is always looking for new ways to keep racers entertained by gathering feedback from racers across the globe. He added that Season 2 would include more themed material and new modes to keep the racing experience fresh and exciting. Players can find the mid-season patch notes for the game on the KartRider: Drift website, and they can also read Game Director Jaeyun Cho’s Developer Blog post on the website.

KartRider: Drift
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Finally, players can earn exclusive Twitch drops, including the Witchy Sophia decal, Airi Emoticon Pack, and the F724 Kart, by watching KartRider: Drift’s Twitch channel and linking their Nexon account.

Overall, the KartRider: Drift mid-season one update introduces several exciting features that will enhance the racing experience for players. The Kart Upgrade Cost reduction, Kart Balancing updates, and the new Factory Run game mode will provide gamers with exciting new challenges that will keep them entertained for hours.

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