Honkai: Star Rail Easter Eggs from Genshin Impact

Honkai: Star Rail Easter Eggs from Genshin Impact

Honkai: Star Rail Easter Eggs from Genshin Impact

Honkai: Star Rail, the new game in the HoYoverse series, has delighted players with its hidden references and Easter eggs that pay homage to its sister game, Genshin Impact. Easter eggs have become an integral part of gaming culture, providing a sense of excitement and discovery as players unravel the secrets and hidden features within their favorite games. In this article, we will explore some of the intriguing Easter eggs found in Honkai: Star Rail that reference Genshin Impact.

1. The Traveler’s Wind Glider

One of the most iconic tools in Genshin Impact is the Wind Glider, which allows players to traverse the vast landscapes of Teyvat with ease. This magical device harnesses the power of wind, enabling players to glide effortlessly through the skies, scale cliffs, and explore distant horizons. While the gliding feature is not directly implemented in Honkai: Star Rail, players can still discover a homage to the Wind Glider within the game.

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Inside the northeastern room of the Herta Space Station’s Storage Zone, players can stumble upon the Wind Glider itself. This hidden reference serves as a nod to Genshin Impact and reminds players of the exhilarating experience of soaring through the open world of Teyvat.

2. Little Timmy’s Pigeon

In a delightful encounter, players can stumble upon a note mentioning a character named Little Timmy and his love for pigeons while reading Natasha’s list from the bookshelf. Little Timmy is a familiar character from Genshin Impact, known for his interactions with players in Mondstadt.

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Timmie, as he is called in Genshin Impact, can often be found near the Statue of The Seven in Mondstadt, accompanied by his pet pigeon named Anemo. Interacting with Timmie adds a touch of endearing charm to the game, and players can embark on unique quests and dialogues centered around this young boy’s love for his feathered friend.

The note referencing Little Timmy can be discovered in Natasha’s clinic, located in Boulder Town within Honkai: Star Rail.

3. Zhongli’s Elemental Burst

Honkai Star Rail’s Xianzhou Luofu region contains Hexanexus Puzzles that bear a striking resemblance to Zhongli’s Elemental Burst in Genshin Impact. Zhongli, the Geo archon in Genshin Impact, wields the power to summon a massive meteorite from the sky using his Elemental Burst ability, “Planet Befall.” This awe-inspiring display showcases Zhongli’s mastery over the earth element and his ability to unleash devastating attacks upon his enemies.

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The presence of Hexanexus Puzzles resembling Zhongli’s Elemental Burst in Honkai: Star Rail serves as a subtle Easter egg, highlighting the similarities between the two games’ respective areas. Players familiar with Genshin Impact will appreciate this reference and its connection to Zhongli’s incredible power.

4. Paimon’s Voice

Fans of Genshin Impact will instantly recognize Paimon’s distinct voice, and Honkai: Star Rail pays homage to this beloved character through a clever Easter egg. While exploring the Administrative District in Honkai: Star Rail, players may come across a dialogue line that echoes Paimon’s warning in Genshin Impact.

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Similar to Genshin Impact, where Paimon cautions players against exploring restricted areas, this dialogue in Honkai: Star Rail serves as a reminder to players about prohibited zones. The absence of a companion character in Honkai: Star Rail’s Trailblazers mode makes this Easter egg even more significant, as it rekindles the familiarity of Paimon’s voice and her role in guiding players through the adventure.

Another instance of this Easter egg can be experienced during the “Devising Stratagems” mission in Central Starskiff Haven, where players will encounter a dialogue from a Cloud Knight that closely resembles Paimon’s warning.

5. A Traveler from a Different World

In the Administrative District of Belobog’s world within Honkai: Star Rail, players can engage in a delightful interaction with Fizz, one of the booksellers. Fizz operates her own little bookshop, where players can browse and purchase books. Engaging Fizz in conversation and inquiring about her book recommendations, particularly in the genre of “fantasy,” leads to an intriguing Easter egg.

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Fizz enthusiastically shares her enjoyment of a highly popular book that perfectly aligns with the description of Genshin Impact. She mentions, “It’s about a traveler from another world who is on a journey to find their family. It’s very popular among young people… I loved it!” This Easter egg serves as a charming reference to the central theme and storyline of Genshin Impact, sparking excitement among players who recognize the connection.

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