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Fist look on Gatewalkers

Gatewalkers is a unique hack and slash, co-op, survival, and RPG game developed and published by A2 Softworks. The game will be released on PC, PS4, and Xbox One on January 12th, 2023. 


The story of Gatewalkers is simple to grasp: as a Gatewalker, you travel across different worlds in order to save your own. The world we live in dies slowly; in order to save it, we need resources from somewhere else. That’s where you fight against large groups of enemies and go through different challenges. Survive the hard conditions and fulfill the tasks from the guild to save your world.


Moving on to Gatewalkers gameplay. Firstly, we are going to talk about crafting and the classic materials routine. Defeating enemies drops loot and resources for you, or something as simple as cutting down trees gives material. Use your crafting menu to help use these materials to craft weapons, clothes, and equipment. which leads us to the second point, equipment. Gatewalkers isn’t a class-based game, so you will be relying on your equipment against monsters. Hammers, staffs, shields, and much more can be crafted once you gather enough progress points. So yes, thirdly, progress points are points you gather by defeating enemies and going further into the story. This allows you to unlock new abilities and traits for your equipment craft.
Fourthly, teamwork makes things easier, so be sure to find a group and stick with them. The teammate system makes exploring and surviving much more fun and easy. Cooperation with your teammates is key to survival in Gatewalkers; that way, you stand a chance against the dangers of other worlds.

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