One-Punch Man Joins Summoners War: Chronicles in New Update

One-Punch Man Joins Summoners War: Chronicles in New Update

One-Punch Man Joins Summoners War: Chronicles in New Update

Summoners War: Chronicles and One-Punch Man Collaboration Brings New Monsters, Events, and Rewards

Summoners War: Chronicles, the popular summon role-playing game, has teamed up with the immensely popular IP “One-Punch Man” to bring fans an exciting new collaboration update. Com2uS, the game’s developer, has incorporated major characters from One-Punch Man into Chronicles as Monsters, bringing new events and rewards to the game.

Major One-Punch Man Characters as Monsters

As part of this partnership, eight major characters from “One-Punch Man” will appear in “Chronicles” as Monsters. These characters include:

  1. “Genos,” a natural 5-star fire-type monster
  2. “Atomic Samurai,” a natural 4-star dark-type monster
  3. “King,” a natural 2-star water-type monster
  4. “Silverfang,” a natural 3-star wind-type monster
  5. “Terrible Tornado,”
  6. “Hellish Blizzard,”
  7. “Spiral Incineration Cannon,”
  8. “Water Stream Rock Smashing Fist”

Each character will employ their unique abilities and skills from the original anime, adding to the gameplay experience. To make it easier for players to acquire the organic 5-star collaboration Monsters, an event will be organized. Players will receive an “Elite Selection Scroll” that enables the acquisition of collaboration Monsters when accumulating 200 summon mileage.

Although Saitama, the series’ most powerful hero, does not present as a Monster, players can still run into him in a variety of ways, including NPC and dungeon quest cutscenes. Fans are eagerly anticipating Saitama’s distinctive appearances in “Chronicles.”

New In-Game Events and Rewards

Players can explore the brand-new dungeon “Evolution of Ascension” as part of the collaboration. The “Carnage Kabuto” from “One-Punch Man” will make an appearance as the final boss creature. Killing it will net players a variety of lucrative rewards.

In addition to the new dungeon, there are several events going on. Players can obtain goodies from the 8 One-Punch Man collaboration characters by completing daily assignments. They can also earn even more rewards by participating in Guild Raids. The “Justice Enforcement! Path of Growth” event awards Restoration Stones, Rainbowmons, Breath of Life, and other items for simply logging in.


The collaboration between Summoners War: Chronicles and One-Punch Man brings new Monsters, events, and rewards to the game. The incorporation of major characters from the popular anime adds to the gameplay experience, and fans are excited to see what else the collaboration will bring. Com2uS has shown confidence in the partnership, and the interest from users worldwide is high. The game’s global success is expected to grow with this collaboration, further enhancing its potential and solidifying its success worldwide.

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