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First look on predecessor

Predecessor is a fast-paced third person action game that combines MOBA and FPS gameplay with strategic choices.  The game releases for PC via Steam & Console for free on 1 Dec, 2022.


Predecessor is about You and four allies. Join arms in battle as you fight for glory on the battlefield against enemy heroes. On a traditional 3 lane map featuring an interactive jungle, epic monsters, and more! Fight your way in with your team to win


Moving on to the gameplay, Predecessor is a 5v5 team game. In this multiplayer game, every player chooses a character from the five different roles.
Firstly, we have ADCS carries. Usually, ranged heroes look to safely secure last hits and buy items as fast as possible. They deal the most damage in the game. Secondly, jungle roles Junglers spend their time in the early stages of the game farming minions in their team’s jungle. They’re also capable of helping their teammates dominate the game faster. Thirdly, Predecessor has the mid role In the center of the map, those capable of fast clearing rotate to help others or look for solo kills. Speaking of solo kills, the fourth role is solo. Heroes in this role have self-sufficient kit to keep the lane alone and scale for late game. Finally, the fifth role is support. The game begins with the vulnerable ADC being protected, followed by the entire team later in the party. 
So far in Predecessor we have up to 20 heroes who’s names are: Drongo Feng Mao The Fey Gadget Gideon Howitzer Kallari Khaimera LT. Belica Murdock Muriel Narbash Rampage Sevarog Sparrow Steel Grux Riktor Dekker Crunch. Each one of them has different abilities and characteristics. Our advice is for you to try all roles then stick to a couple of them to learn the game at faster pace.

For more details and visual gameplay checkout this video
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