Fortinet Academy Champions Set: Unleash Your Academic Style!

Fortnite Academy Champions Set: Unleash Your Academic Style!

Fortnite Academy Champions Set: Unleash Your Academic Style!


Fortnite, the popular battle royale game developed by Epic Games, has once again taken customization to a whole new level with the introduction of the Academy Champions set. This set allows players to create their own unique looks with ten interchangeable Outfits and over 500 million possible combinations. From the reversible 8-bit Champions Back Bling to the Scholar Claws Pickaxe and Banner Bearer Wrap, each sold separately from the Outfits, you have the opportunity to craft your perfect academic look. Let’s dive deeper into the customization options and explore the endless possibilities that the Academy Champions set offers.

The Academy Champions Set: A World of Customization

The Academy Champions set brings a fresh wave of creativity to Fortnite, offering players the ability to design their own academic-inspired looks. With a wide range of choices for shoes, lower-body clothes, and upper-body clothing, players can express their unique style and create their perfect academic avatar. The set features two academies: the Sakura Star Academy and the Honor Bound Academy, allowing players to showcase their loyalty by selecting the emblem that represents their chosen academy.

More Than Just Outfits: The Reversible 8-Bit Champions Back Bling

In addition to the customizable outfits, the Academy Champions set introduces the reversible 8-bit Champions Back Bling. This unique accessory is sold separately from the outfits but perfectly complements the academic theme. Players can choose one of the pixelated versions of the ten Academy Champions and further customize their appearance by selecting colors for their hair, eyes, and clothing. The Back Bling also offers the option to change its own color and the color of its screen, providing an added level of personalization.

Scholar Claws Pickaxe: Outsmart Your Foes

No academic champion is complete without the right tools, and the Scholar Claws Pickaxe is here to help players outwit their opponents. This versatile pickaxe is compatible with any Academy Champion and offers customization options to match your style. With three shader types and a range of colors for Color 1 and Color 2, players can create a personalized pickaxe that reflects their personality. Notably, the selected Color 2 will also be visible in the pickaxe’s pixelated trail, adding a touch of visual flair to every swing.

Showcasing the Possibilities

To give you a glimpse of the endless customization options available with the Academy Champions set, let’s explore some of the looks that can be achieved:

Outfit Combinations

Image via Epic Games

The Academy Champions set offers ten different outfits, each with its own unique style. By mixing and matching the customizable upper body, lower body, and shoe options, players can create their perfect academic ensemble. Whether you prefer a preppy look, a sporty vibe, or a combination of both, the Academy Champions set has something to suit every taste.

Customizing the 8-Bit Champions Back Bling

Image via Epic Games

The reversible 8-bit Champions Back Bling provides players with even more customization possibilities. Players can select their preferred pixelated version of the Academy Champions and choose colors for their hair, eyes, and clothing. Moreover, the Back Bling itself can be customized with different colors and screen options. The screen illuminates during eliminations, healing, opening chests, or emoting, adding a dynamic element to your overall look.

The Scholar Claws Pickaxe: A Tool for Academic Victories

Image via Epic Games

The Scholar Claws Pickaxe is the perfect weapon for any Academy Champion. With its customizable features, players can personalize their pickaxe to match their desired aesthetic. By selecting one of the three shader types and adjusting the colors for Color 1 and Color 2, you can create a pickaxe that stands out on the battlefield. The pixelated trail of the pickaxe will reflect your chosen Color 2, making your every swing a stylish statement.


In conclusion, the Academy Champions set is a game changer in terms of customization options in Fortnite. With its vast array of outfit combinations, the reversible 8-bit Champions Back Bling, and the Scholar Claws Pickaxe, players can create their unique academic-inspired looks. Whether you want to represent the Sakura Star Academy or the Honor Bound Academy, or simply enjoy the limitless customization possibilities, the Academy Champions set offers a world of creative expression. So head over to the Fortnite Item Shop and unleash your academic style with the Academy Champions set today!

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