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star ocean the divine force

Star Ocean: The Divine Force

upcoming action role-playing game!

star ocean the divine force

First look on Star Ocean the divine force

Star Ocean: The Divine Force is an upcoming action role-playing game. It will be released for PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Windows, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X/S. And while the game is not an open world, it does feature many open areas for exploration.


As for Star Ocean ‘s story, it looks like a technologically advanced society tries to rule over a primitive world. So, the two forces will clash and fight each other for their own reasons to survive. Accordingly, it is a double protagonist game.


Firstly, Star Ocean: The Divine Force is a double protagonist game that makes you choose your side from the beginning of the story. You can play as Raymond Lawrence, the man from space looking for his crew that crashed on an underdeveloped planet. Or as the kingdom’s princess, Laeticia Aucerius, who meets Raymond on her land. Depending on who you choose, you’ll either play as a fantasy-style RPG or a sci-fi RPG. 
Secondly, the battle in Star Ocean: The Divine Force looks improved from Star Ocean 5 (a previous sequel). Battles will take place in the “open world”, where you can switch between the four party members of your team. Switching midbattle enables you to deal with multiple combos and flashy organized attacks. Basic attacks are your main weapon as they help you build a gauge used to activate special attacks and abilities. These certainly deal more damage and have different effects on enemies. 
Thirdly, the fast-paced actions and combat are nerve-wrecking. Meanwhile, Star Ocean, the divine force, has a unique function of time stopping. This feature helps you during fights; you can use precise combos or switch between the party members to take a break. However, you decide the right way to spend this ability.

For visual gameplay details check out this video
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