Evil West

Evil West

An Action-Adventure game coming soon!

Evil West

Evil west is third person an action-adventure game coming in 22 November of this year on: Pc · PlayStation 4 · PlayStation 5 · Xbox One · Xbox Series X/S.

Story of Evil West

In Evil West, Playing as Jesse Rentier, one of the few vampire hunters organization in this world. Our main goal is to kill vampires to free the American frontier known as the wild west.
The game has basically a storyline similar to that of van helsing with its own characters and bosses.


As for the gameplay, During Evil West gameplay teaser. We see Jesse holding a high caliber lever rifle that is probably most effective against big large enemies. He also has a revolver that should be his primary weapon as its the fastest and most effective for close and mid ranged targets. You can actually notice how fast and strong that revolver is in the trailer as Jesse kills multiple vampires in a matter of seconds.
He also poses a melee weapon that looks like a gauntlet. It has some sort of blades as well as a hammer looking like weapon attached to it. Also equiped with a flashy lightning attack that deals AOE(Area of Effect) damage.
Take note that upgrading tools and weapons is available in Evil West, so be sure to make the right decision to get the best results.


Apparently in Evil West there isn’t just one type of vampires for you to kill. These creatures have at least 3 forms, regular ones, flying vampires with wings and claws and “Skinwalkers” as we see in the trailer a similar to them lifting Jesse and charging/pushing him against buildings to deal as much damage as possible and eventually kill him.

Other than that. There is a co-up game-mode/gameplay where Jesse along with another main character called Edgar, join forces to kill the vampires.

That’s about it. For gameplay details check out this video.
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