Soulstice: Upcoming action RPG game Next month


Soulstice is an action RPG game coming on September 20th for the Xbox series, PlayStation 5, and PC. 
The story is about the Holy Kingdom of Keidas being invaded by Wraiths. An army of demonic creatures destroying the city and its safety.

To save her world, the main protagonist, Briar, and her ghost sister, Members of the order of the ashen blade take matters to hand. They join forces to deal with this chaos by themselves and seal it. 
In Soulstice, a third-person combat focused game, melee combat style with light and heavy attacks using both your sword and war-hammer, along with five other weapons for you to unlock and upgrade later on to help you defeat your opponents. When combined with other abilities such as dashes, thundering advance, and others. 

Another important mechanic in this game is Unity. As you fight your way towards your goal by slashing enemies with different combos, The energy icon in the right corner gets full, allowing your character to use more energy blasts, flashy moves, and abilities. On the other hand, taking damage causes this skill to decrease, which makes you question your aggressive and defensive options.

One more mechanic in this game worth mentioning is evocation and banishment fields. Enemies of a certain color will appear, and the only way to damage them is by both activating the right color field and staying in range of the enemy. This mechanic is useful in solving puzzles as well. which will give you a break from all the fighting. 
Mother lodes are blue and red crystals that you destroy to get resources and unlock the ghostly sister’s abilities, buying items and unlocking new weapon abilities for Briar.
Like we mentioned before, Weapons are unlocked while progressing in the game. You can also upgrade Lute’s abilities.

Rapture, being the most important ability you can use, is similar to a rage mode. Briar harnesses the power within her and goes berserk. This mode allows her to damage all types of enemies while it decreases Unity significantly.

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