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Fire Emblem Engage

Upcoming tactical turn based Nintendo switch game!

First look on Fire Emblem Engage

Fire Emblem Engage is a Nintendo Switch exclusive tactical role-playing game developed by Intelligent Systems and published by Nintendo. The game was first announced in a September 13, 2022, Nintendo Direct and is set to release on January 20, 2023. It’s receiving general support and positive feedback, even though it seems underdeveloped compared to its predecessor, Fire Emblem: Three Houses.


In Fire Emblem Engage. After a thousand years of cooperation between the four kingdoms and heroes from other worlds, Elios is ready to engage. You reappear as the divine dragon’s leader to prevent the fallen dragon from reawakening. Bring heroes from other realms together once more to permanently seal the chaos dragon. Be it a male or female, the protagonist with red and blue hair can be either one by choice.


Moving on to the gameplay of Fire Emblem Engage in a familiar world where you can upgrade and customize the original characters of the series. To begin, the game introduces tactical turn-based gameplay along a hub area where you can meet other characters.The Somnial is a floating fortress where non-combat scenarios take place. You can interact with the different NPCs as well as the main characters of the story. Secondly, the weapon triangle mechanic that consists of rock, paper, scissors, where swords > axes, axes  >  spears, and spears  > swords, Accordingly, bows, daggers, and spells are weak against physical attacks. However, each class base specializes in certain weapon types.
Thirdly, the party system makes it easier to play Fire Emblem Engage. Party members can forge bonds with other characters with the help of emblem rings. The bond between characters and party members increases the effectiveness of the pair. Additionally, each ring has upgrade paths that give permanent stat boosts and unique skills. Fourthly, you can move freely around the battle now, unlike in the previous sequel where you chose the path and committed to it. This definitely gives more flexibility to your movements and decisions. There are so many other aspects left for you to discover about this amazing game.

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