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Sons of the Forest

Sons of the Forest

Best survival game of 2022?!

Sons of the Forest

Sons of the forest First look

coming out in October 2022. Sons of the Forest is a sequel to “The Forest”, a survival game on (PS4/PS5/Xbox One/Xbox Series S|X and PC).


Like we mentioned earlier, Sons of the Forest is a sequel to The Forest game, so the storyline is the same. Eric and his son Timmy, on a flight to an unknown destination, survive a plane crash. As Eric tries to wake up after the crash, he notices a man covered in red, as if it were blood , taking away his son. He now has two main objectives: finding his son and surviving in this wild place he landed in. Unfortunately for him and his son, the island is a haven for cannibalism.
Later on, it turns out the red man is a doctor who experimented on children and activities on resurrecting them, which ended up creating abominations and mutants. They managed to kill the doctor’s daughter, which made him steal Timmy and give him as a sacrifice. He is able to resurrect his daughter Megan, but not as a human. She kills him, and Eric has no other choice but to kill her and bring back his kid from the dead. Since she’s dead, he has to make a real sacrifice to resurrect his kid. From this point, your decision to crash another passing plane to bring back your son creating new “Sons of the Forest” or stop the madness is up to you.


Sons of the Forest is coming back with a better AI system. Players experience new behaviors such as fear, tiredness, anger, hunger, boredom, and others. The mutants will know some changes as well as new types. The last trailers confirmed Fingers, Twins, and Virginia, as well as a tall mutant. The mutants’ actions and reactions change based on the characters’ experience. For example, whether Virginia is an ally or enemy depends on how we treat her.
Apparently, in this new sequel to Sons of the Forest Discovering caves is a daily routine. Not only mutants, but cannibals find shelter in such places as well. The cannibals will interact in many ways with the players’ structures and activities, stealing food, trying to kill you, etc.
We also have new structures for you to build that help provide electricity and other tools like a chainsaw and new weapons, firearms, and explosives.

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