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it takes two

it takes two

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it takes two

First look on it takes two

It takes two is an action-adventure game based on co-op gameplay. The game launched back in 2021 on many platforms such as PlayStation, Xbox and pc. And coming now on Switch the 4th of November of 2022.


Firstly, in it takes two. Cody and May Goodwin are an unhappily married couple planning on a divorce. While Cody the father feels neglected and his daughter. On the other side is May who believes he is unappreciative of her efforts and hard work. After trying to tell rose over dinner about their decision, she takes dolls modeled after her parents to her secret spot. In the shed she has “the book of love” her therapy friend, crying and wishing the dolls become friends again. The tears of their child magically trap her parents’ souls in her dolls.
On an attempt to reach their daughter who might help them. They go through hard challenges and work together to get their real bodies.
It takes two goes beyond that and makes the parents take therapy sessions. Guided by the book of love who can talk and analyse their problems.


Moving on to the gameplay. Worry not, as it takes two has an incredible set of ideas and creative modes. The game actually is fun. Like we mentioned earlier, the couple goes through therapy sessions. Each time they go through one of the four sessions, each get new abilities. Basically, Cody its manipulating time, plant-like ability and a shield. In the meantime, May has the ability to clone herself, cultivation tools and a powerful singing voice. While both of them share a magnet in the 2nd session that attracts items.
While struggling to find their bodies. The couple in it takes two, the couple is reminded of the beautiful experiences they share.
It takes two, makes you live many experiences such as activities in space, an air conditioning vent, surfing in ice, solving riddles, running around trees and fighting wildlife and many other activities
Finally, the couple makeup after a series of actions and get back to their bodies. Meanwhile the daughter escapes the house thinking she’s the reason for the divorce. Only to find her at a bus stop and go back home all together.

Check out this video for more gameplay details.
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