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Skull and Bones

Skull and bones

New action-adventure game for pirates’ lovers!

Skull and Bones

Skull and bones First look

Skull and bones is an upcoming open world action adventure on PS5, Xbox series, stadia, epic games and Ubisoft Connect. on 8th November 2022.


Unlike most of Ubisoft’s open-world games, Skull and Bones does not have a campaign. “It is definitely not a storyline-driven game,” says Barnard. “You don’t finish Skull & Bones and have credits and a cutscene at the end. It’s something we want to perpetuate as a live game for years and years to come.”
It’s not like we won’t have a story at all. Most characters you cross paths with have background stories. You learn through jobs and contracts more about each one of them.
However. This game allows players to create their own story and souvenirs and set their own objectives. Such as Becoming the most infamous pirate.


Firstly, Skull and bones has a unique multiplayer system. You actually get to pick whom you side with or against in a vast world of up to 20 players. Creating your own ships and adjusting them to your liking. The game takes places in the Indian ocean where you face alongside your crew other players.
Take note that Skull and Bones has both a first person and third person gameplay. First person is mostly used for sailing, while the third person aspect is for exploration. Crafting materials, ships, equipment and other resources are also an option in skull and bones. Keep in mind that hunting wildlife is part of your journey to gather materials to craft with. Crocodiles, sharks and many other creatures lurk in this ocean so be careful or you might not make it through the day.
It’s only natural for you to face the kraken while exploring the oceans of skull and bones though. Be sure to keep an eye from it.

For more gameplay details check out this video.
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