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Wanted: Dead


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Wanted: Dead, a third person action, cyphy-anime style game. Takes place at Hongkong where lieutenant Hannah stone , a cyborg locked in an institution, fights for the task force :”Zombie squad”. As far as we know, the game comes out on February 14, 2023, for PC, PS5, PS4, Xbox Series X|S, and Xbox One.

The combat style makes Wanted dead interesting. Using weapons and swords, both slicing heads and putting holes in your targets’ heads, gives you the maximum pleasure and satisfaction you could ask for . And don’t worry, there is also a hand-to-hand melee combat style for those of you who are asking.
Hannah’s main target is to get rid of the ninjas and assassins. But at some point in the game, you’ll meet robots that’ll make your missions a bit harder than expected. Don’t worry much though, as the main character is a cyborg too, so it’s a fair fight after all.
There’s also a dinner. Where the squad’s members meet up after each mission to discuss their progress and other upcoming missions. This is where you establish a good relationship with your team.

Since you’re on a special task force team. You’re probably going to investigate and analyse riddles, alone or with the help of your teammates, to clear some missions and progress further with the story.

The high-tech game style and ninja-like gameplay make the game look so cool before experiencing it. Developers stated that there are slow motion animations when using the sword as well as finishing moves and attacks.

The game has a touch of cyberpunk to it, but only on a visual level. But for now, that’s all we know. We’re waiting for more content and hints on the story line in the next few months, which we’ll keep you updated with.

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