GAMINGDOME - Tower of Fantasy's Underwater Update!
Tower of Fantasy’s Underwater Update!

Tower of Fantasy’s Underwater Update!

Tower of Fantasy Version 2.4 “Under the Grand Sea” Takes Players Underwater

The famous adventure RPG Tower of Fantasy will release Version 2.4 on March 30, 2023. Beneath the Grand Sea, the next update will send players to a new region and location to explore the huge undersea sea and find Innars, an underwater metropolis.

Explore New Areas

Beneath the Grand Sea is a new zone where players may travel deep below and discover the lovely City Innars, teeming with life and enormous ecosystems. In trailers, Tower of Fantasy has teased the underwater region several times, showing off its gorgeous features and well-planned aesthetics.

Players will meet friendly animals and foes as they explore deeper water. Future upgrades will introduce new World Bosses to the deep sea’s subregions.

New Chapter, Challenges, Characters

Version 2.4 adds a tale quest about the Underwater City Innars. Grayspace Creatures under an unknown leader are attacking the City. Players must work with City residents to battle the Grayspace monsters and find the leader.

New and familiar names will join the new challenges. The updated clip features Fiona, Lan, and Icarus, suggesting their Simulacrum flags will be published. Nemesis and Lin return to protect Innars alongside the citizens.

Version 2.4:Discover the Great Sea Tower of Fantasy Beneath the Great Sea promises a fresh and fascinating experience as players explore Innars’ underwater realm and fight new foes. The update’s gorgeous aesthetics and exciting gameplay will keep users engaged for hours.

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