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First look on Scorn

Scorn is an upcoming first-person biopunk survival horror adventure video game. Developed by Serbian developer Ebb Software for Microsoft Windows and Xbox Series X/S.  It will release on October 21 and will be available day One on Xbox Game Pass and later on steam for PC for as little as $9.99/£7.99.


Aside from the living world our nameless main character is at, we don’t know much about the main storyline of Scorn. What we do know is that our character is lost in a dream-like world and must traverse different interconnected (and creepy) regions in a non-linear fashion. Scorn may be more lore-driven with gamers sole goal being to try to escape from the nightmare.


Firstly, the storyline of Scorn has no cut scenes. All the story happens passively while progressing in game. Secondly, even though scorn is a first-person game with weapons and survival. It is not a shooters’ game. The game focuses on exploring the surroundings of the player uncovering the mysterious rather than the FPS aspect. Something else to look up for in Scorn is immersion. The level of details of the environment along the awareness of your own characters body play big roles. From solving riddles to each and every interaction with the environments.
Thirdly, the structure of Scorn environments. Each location in the game has different monsters, themes and obstacles to overcome. The locations are indeed connected. However, you have to unlock them manually to explore further this world. And while we mentioned before that Scorn isn’t a fps game, weapons are crucial in here. Which leads us to the next point, guns. There are a few weapons in this game each with a unique design and different abilities Such as a grenade launcher, a pistol and a shotgun.
Finally, moving to the last point. Scorn takes about six to eight hours to finish depending on players playstyle and skills.

For visual gameplay details checkout this video
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