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coral island

Coral Island

Upcoming farming simulator game of 2022!

coral island

First look on coral island

Coral island, a refreshing tropical take on the farming sim genre. Is new farming simulator video game coming out the 11 October of this year on Pc and later-on on other consoles.


Your Farm Coral Island is set on a tropical island, and this is the plot of land that you’ve purchased. It comes with a farmhouse of your choosing. You’ll have three styles to select from! (Your farmhouse, partial view of your farmland and the initial concept art) Pesky Debris Clear debris to start farming.


Firstly, in Coral Island. You get the chance to enjoy all four seasons to farm, ranch, craft harvest and engage in combats or build friendships with neighbors. The game presents a variety of activities such as catching fish, insects and under water creatures. Accordingly, you can meet up to 70 characters to fight or befriend. Enjoy a festival that takes place each season in the game. You also get to dive and explore your surroundings. Donating to the museum is also possible in case you feel like doing Sharity work.
Secondly, Coral Island gives you the possibility to customize your character, house and farm freely. The interior design, accessors and furniture to move around inside and outside of a property. As for the character customization, you can change everything from the hairstyle, body mass, face structure to clothing such as hoodies, shorts/pants, sneakers and glasses.
So far, we only know details about the early access for Coral Island. The full release of the game comes with more content, a far developed story line and more customization tools and options.
Finally, and most importantly. Coral Island will have multiplayer mode launched later on another update after the game releases.

For visual gameplay details check out this video
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