super people

super people

Upcoming battle royale game on Pc!

super people

First look on Super People

WONDER PEOPLE proudly present a battle royale shooter called Super people. The game is coming on Pc Oct. 11, 2022 – Early Access and probably for consoles such as PS4, PS5, Xbox S/X.


In SUPER PEOPLE, take control of a super-soldier, each with their own unique skills and special abilities. Battle it out with other players and survive until you are the last player or squad standing. That’s what a battle royale stands for after all.


“Super People” is a battle royale. Accordingly, you’ll face many players online to try and win the game by either killing or surviving against others. Firstly, you need to know that you can cut your parachute when you’re close enough to land on land. Reaching areas first to take loot is safer and smarter, sometimes a game-changing factor for you to survive games. Secondly, you should reload weapons after picking them up. Be sure to always press the release button to check if you picked the right ammo (usually the right ammo type is next to the gun). Thirdly, one of the most important key binds in the game is shift. Shift allows you to hold your breath, thus giving you a better aim to kill players against you. Fourthly, eat every consumable item you find in super people. Each one upgrades abilities and gives more strength or improved abilities.
Speaking of abilities. in Super people, there are multiple classes to choose from. Such as Gatling soldier, A shotgun master, strike force, sniper, seeker, gas soldier, marine, teleporter, swat, firearms expert, nuclear and finally driver. Each one of them has a specialized weapon, special abilities and different strengths and weaknesses such as reload timing, physical ability and much more.

For visual gameplay details check out this video
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