Sifu game is coming to Nintendo switch?!


First look on Sifu

Sifu is an action beat’em up video game released earlier this year on PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5 and PC. It will now make its way to Nintendo Switch on November 8 of 2022.


In all honesty, even though Sifu is a game based on combat and hand to hand fights, it comes along with a beautiful story about the main character. The game is set in modern-day China. On a rainy night, Yang, a disgraced student at a martial arts school, leads a raid on his former school, along with four martial artists. After killing the students, he heads towards his old master and fights him in a death battle. Leading to his master’s death. Accordingly, he looks up his records and finds out his master has a son. He finds him and slits his throat. However, the young child comes back to live because of a talisman he possesses which brings back the dead but only older by a number of years.
Angered by Yang’s actions, the protagonist of sifu isolates himself and trains every day for the soul purpose of taking revenge for his father’s death. Now that he’s 20, he starts his journey looking for his revenge.


Firstly, about Sifu, you can choose whether the protagonist can be a male or female and pick a name for them as well. This game has over 150 unique attacks. Each and every single move can be combined with other attacks to make creatives combos. Secondly, there is this mechanic that helps you finish off enemies whenever they’re low on health/stamina. It counts as a special move since it guarantees the knockout and makes you invulnerable to other enemies blows. There’s also the Strong Sweep attack that puts down enemies and make it easier to deal with.
Secondly, in Sifu, there is an age mechanic. Whenever your player dies, he resurrects and age several years. As you grow older your hits deal more damage. However, your health bare drops significantly and makes you more vulnerable to death. At a certain age, you just die and restart the game from scratch so don’t abuse this for power and end up losing your progress in the game.

Finally, in Sifu, you will face a variety of bosses that are harder to defeat in order to reach yang and defeat him to” win” the game.

For visual gameplay and more details checkout this video
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