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Gothem knights

Gothem Knights

An Upcoming open world action RPG Gotham knights. Don’t miss it!

An open world game is coming out on October 21st on PS5, Xbox series, Xns and PC . Gotham Knights, the crime city, gives you the pleasure of fighting in both ranged and melee combat styles to defend Gotham City. When playing as Red Hood, he has a range of abilities that deal non-lethal damage. He has 2 main abilities. A barrage ability that does piercing damage to shielded enemies. His second ability is to attach a bomb to an enemy and manually detonate it with ranged shots, dealing AOE( attack on everyone).

In Gotham knights. Knightwing, on the other hand, focuses primarely on agility to dodge and land attacks. His abilities are an elemental chock wave that has effects on enemies, like freezing their movements.

One of the best aspects of the game is stealth. It’s one of the main techniques that one should master to surpass many challenges and experience the unique takedowns and finishing moves of each of the 4 heroes.

Another great technique in the game is AR vision. It’s some sort of “detective” vision. Players can detect nearby enemies or items and locate their positions. This will also help with solving mysteries and solving riddles.

Since we’re talking about Gotham, there will always be crime, right? Well, obviously we’re going to have plenty of criminal activity for you to deal with. And to make the game more fun, there is a momentum bar that you can fill by landing perfect combos and dodging attacks. When the bar is full, a special attack is launched.

We all know that 1 person can’t cover an entire city though. I mean .. unless the characters have some sort of traversal and guess what! Each hero has his own way of moving around the city. Knightwing has a glider, and Red Hood can use soul energy to jump in thin air. While the bat plane and bat cycle are both usable by all heroes,

Last but not least, the Belfry, which is basically your base of operations where you can upgrade your suits and equipment using crafting materials. obtainable by completing missions and fighting crime.

For more details on the gameplay check this video.
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