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Lego bricktales

Lego bricktales

New upcoming Lego puzzle-adventure game!

Lego bricktales

First look on Lego bricktales

Accordingly, Lego bricktales is an upcoming game developed by thunderful and clocksotone. In this puzzle-adventure, use an intuitive brick-by-brick building mechanic to solve puzzles and bring your creations to life! It releases on October 12, 2022. For PC, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S, and Nintendo Switch devices.


In Lego bricktales, your grandfather, a genius inventor, has called you for help! His beloved amusement park is about to close as the mayor is threatening to shut everything down. Seize the land if the necessary repairs aren’t made to bring it up to code. With the help of your powerful little robot buddy, you can restore it using a mysterious device based on alien technology.


Firstly, on your journey to explore Lego bricktales world, you’ll find obstacles to overcome. They call on you to construct solutions, build bridges and platforms to access new areas. It’s that easy though because you have to structure it in a correct way in order for it to work. Arriving at the obstacles allows you to enter an interface for construction to build your platforms. Additionally, brick-by-brick building is a must since there is no guide or manuel.

Secondly, unlock the Sandbox Mode in Lego bricktales upon completing a construction spot, then you go back in and improve your build with a huge selection of additional bricks from different themes. Thirdly, different types of puzzles will test your building skills. Use your brain in functional physics-based puzzles to build a bridge for a digger to get across a river. While testing your constructions skills, you get to test whether they’ll work or fail before launching them in the Lego world.
Finally, make sure to Explore five varied story world biomes and the amusement park hub, all fully built out of LEGO bricks.

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