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First look on Pragmata

First of all, Pragmata is an upcoming science fiction action-adventure video game developed by Capcom, set to be released for Windows, PlayStation 5, and Xbox Series X later in 2023.


The story of Pragmata revolves around a little girl and a person in an astronaut suit. The aforementioned child doesn’t appear to be human, as she can breathe in space and do some strange stuff with her eyes. The earth as we know it seems to have collapsed and is surrounded by some sort of technology, encompassing the sky above. You play in a world set in a dystopian near future on Earth’s Moon. Your goal is to get back to the earth and its freedom.


Moving on to the gameplay Firstly, while Pragmata looks like a shooter game, it has a survival aspect to it. Most of what we saw in the trailers were tools to discover and survive. Take note that while a suit is necessary for you to breath and move around this planet, there is this unknown girl that’s capable of breathing in space effortlessly. Some think she’s a robot, while others believe she’s just a projection or guide that helps you throughout your journey back to earth.

Secondly, in Pragmata, it seems like we have many gadgets and weapons to use for survival. Thirdly, the astronaut seems to be incredibly fast and have dashing abilities. The trailer also shows some blue, green, and red creatures that attack you and jump on you. Apparently, each of these creatures has unique abilities, such as launching projectiles or pushing directly towards you. It seems like there will be many robots for us to overcome in order to return to Earth peacefully.

For visual gameplay details check out this video
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