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This game is an open world action game by the same studio that made Final Fantasy XV(15). Coming on PS5 and PC (Windows) on January 24, 2023. 

Forspoken story is about Frey. The protagonist, who travels between dimensions in a matter of seconds from New York to a fantasy world of danger. Worry not, as you arrive in this new world, you’ll find a braclet on your hand. It’s basically your source of magical power and guide through your journey in this vast world. However, you only learn about it after you face the natives of this world who question your existence .
On your journey to find your way back home. You have to help the people of Atheia with an event called “The Break”. For some reason and unlike the natives, Frey is immune to this storm and can wonder inside it and discover and solve the riddles within this mine field.

Moving on to combat Magic and spells are your main weapons, but melee, traps, ambush, and invisibility are also present in this game. Elemental attacks as well as summoning little fire creatures are options if you like diversity and combos. 
There are 3 spell categories in Forspoken , represented by a triangle in the left-right corner of the screen.

Attack magic: Basic attacks for dealing damage to your enemies with no cooldown and multiple combos between light, fire, and ice. 
Support magic: more of a defensive tool to help you during fights. These attacks have cooldowns and can root enemies, trapping them, summoning creatures and others. 
Ultimates : They are your strongest spells with the longest cooldowns but the most effective damage, using the elements we mentioned before.

The traversal system in this game, along with the player movements, is eye-catching. It’s smooth to the point where you can spend the whole day sprinting, dodging, gliding, sliding, and grappling around the map. Surfing with an ice board is also a thing, along with a magic pool that slows your fall to keep fall damage as low as possible.

As for enemies, You’ll be facing multiple types of these, such as dragons, wolves, bears, and others. Each of them has unique and different attacks to watch out for.

For more details check out the video in the link below.
(1028) FORSPOKEN – 5 Things You Need To Know – YouTube

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