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crisis core final fantasy VII

Crisis Core Final Fantasy VII

A remaster of a final fantasy PSP game from 2007?

crisis core final fantasy VII

First look on crisis core final fantasy VII

Crisis Core Final Fantasy VII Reunion is a remaster for the 2007 PSP version of this sequel. Ts set to release for PS5, PS4, Xbox Series X|S, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, and PC on December 13, 2022.


Moving on to the game story, and unlike FF7 remake. Crisis Core Reunion has a story faithful to its source’s material. Producer Mariko Sato confirms that the story will be as you remember it from Crisis Core. Though, he stated that the game will know many adjustments and improvements to the gameplay experience 100%.


While discussing gameplay, keep in mind that Crisis Core Reunion’s remaster only touches the gameplay. Firstly, the story and all its events remain intact for players to experience the same game. Better quality 3D models, voice overs, musical arrangements, and fluid gameplay are the big pluses in this remaster. Accordingly, the graphical changes from what we saw in the trailers show a night and day difference in quality. However, the gameplay is where you’ll notice the difference. While dealing damage or taking damage as well as casting your combos, you’ll notice that the game is so fluid and looks amazing. While the in-game cutscenes are yet another plus for this remaster. The facial structures, clothes, buildings, and all the surroundings are much improved and look great altogether.

Secondly, as we know in the previous sequel of Crisis Core Final Fantasy VII, characters’ talking was only part of the cutscenes. Zac talks only while moving from one destination to another. This isn’t the case anymore, as throughout all the gameplay, the characters exchange information and talk, while some dialogues will certainly change in the cutscenes. Thirdly, and most importantly, in my opinion, the music is rearranged with new soundtracks while maybe bringing the old one back.

For visual gameplay and more details checkout this video.
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