Netmarble Celebrates 8th Anniversary of Marvel Future Fight.

Netmarble Celebrates 8th Anniversary of Marvel Future Fight.

Netmarble Celebrates 8th Anniversary of Marvel Future Fight.

Netmarble Celebrates 8th Anniversary of Marvel Future Fight with In-Game Events and Rewards

Marvel Future Fight, the blockbuster mobile role-playing game developed and published by Netmarble, is celebrating its 8th anniversary with the “8 Years Homecoming” celebration event. This event includes several in-game events and special rewards, such as Selector: Tier-2 Character, 800 Crystals, and 5 million Gold, which will be provided on April 26th. Players can participate in pre-registration on the official website starting today through April 25th.

8th Anniversary of Marvel Future Fight
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Two In-Game Events to Celebrate the Milestone

To commemorate the game’s 8th anniversary, Netmarble has created two in-game events that offer players the chance to obtain various rewards.

8th Year Countdown Event (April 4 – 25)

From April 4th to April 25th, players can participate in the 8th Year Countdown Event to receive the following rewards:

  • Selector: Tier-2 Character
  • Level 6 Potential Enhance Ticket
  • 4★ Artifact Chest
  • Odin’s Blessing
  • 900 Crystals in total

8th Year Event (April 26)

On April 26th, Netmarble will provide players with even more special rewards during the 8th Year Event of Marvel Future Fight , including:

  • Selector: Tier-3 Character
  • 8th Year Comic Card
  • And more!

New Uniforms for Thanos and Squirrel Girl

As part of the April Fool’s game update, new uniforms are now available for the following characters:

  • Thanos (Tier-4) – Wise Harvester
  • Squirrel Girl (Tier-3) – Nutty Titan

Marvel Future Fight: A Global Success

Marvel Future Fight has celebrated 150 million global users with exciting in-game content just a few months ago. Currently, all players can enjoy over 251 playable characters and 393 uniforms in the game. Marvel Future Fight is available worldwide in the App Store and Google Play.


In conclusion, Netmarble’s Marvel Future Fight has achieved an impressive milestone with its 8th anniversary celebration event. The two in-game events and special rewards give players the opportunity to celebrate the game’s success and enjoy even more exciting content. With the game’s continued popularity and success, it is sure to remain a favorite among mobile gamers worldwide.

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