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Dragon Quest Treasures

Dragon Quest Treasures

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Dragon Quest Treasures

First look on Dragon Quest Treasures

The role-playing game series Dragon Quest Treasures, produced by Taichi Inuzuka and producer of all Dragon Quest Monsters games, announced on June 28, 2022, that the game will release worldwide for Nintendo Switch on December 9 of the same year.


The story follows young Erik and Mia who live viking ship dreaming of exploring the world and finding great treasures. One fatidic night, the pair encounters two strange creatures: Purrsula and Porcus. Later, the siblings are transported into the land of Draconia, where they will need to search for the seven Dragon stones.


Recently, there have been rumors that the West doesn’t want monster taming games. Which has caused a huge fuss for this genre of games. However, Dragon Quest Treasure is taking the risk to see if the rumors are true or not. Meanwhile, Dragon Quest is a famous sequel that has a huge fan base all over the world. We expect things to go smoothly.
In Dragon Quest Treasures, some monsters are actually friendly and won’t hesitate to help you. On your journey through the fantastical fantasy world. While Some of them are even useful in battles against hostile monsters who take you for an enemy. There are multiple mechanics in this game, such as leaping, gliding, or sprinting to inaccessible locations.
Accordingly, you can track down treasure using the unique passive skills of the monsters accompanying you, such as the treasure vision skill. You can also build a gang that is similar to a guild, where auctions and items can sell for incredible prices. Recruit more members and progress with your guild to receive more rewards, or just send teams on missions to collect treasures.
Finally, the dragon stones are in the dragon quest treasures. Fight for them with other gangs to win the big treasures and uncover mysteries on your journey with your friends.

For visual gameplay and more details check out this video
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