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Genshin impact update

Genshin impact update 3.0

Genshin Impact. New update, New region?!

The new Genshin impact update will be live soon ,along with 5 new features in this new update!

Genshin impact

Talking about Genshin Impact, Let’s start with the biggest feature. In The new sumeru region. There are 2 environments. a rainforest and a desert area.
The rainforest had been in discussion on the livestream, which probably means the deserted area will come later with the updates.

We will get the archon quests chapter 3 that will be progressing with each update. Also, there are new monsters that will make appearance in this region. Mainly, there are two new bosses “the electro-regisvine and jadeplume terrorshroom “.

Regarding the new events coming with this update. moreover The best part about it is you being be able to get the new 4 star dendro character “collei” and other rewards(crown of insight, primogems, talent level-up material, Mora, etc.). not to mention ( Fazy trials, Tablet Analytics, Lost Riches and Ley line overflow) events where you will fight monsters and getting materials to upgrade new characteres.

Now this is where things get interesting. 5 new craftable F2P weapons added! alongside 2 new artifact sets(Guild Dreams and Deepwood Memories). obviously for you to use these, you’ll need characters, and evidently The update introduces three new heroes: Tighnari (a 5 star dendro bow user), Collei ( a 4 star dendro bow user), and Dori (a 4 star electroclaymor healer).

To speak about banners. basically, Collei, tighnari and zhongli .will come live first ,with the possibility of having the 5 star bow(Hunter’s path)in the first phase of the update. One more thing: Tighnari is going to become a standard 5 star.

Afterward. during the second phase. Ganyu and kokomi’s double banners ,as well as, Dori will be summonable.

Lastly, all artifacts that exist in the game before the 1.2 update are added to the atrifact strongbox exchange. Plus, you can finish processing food faster with ores from now on.

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Genshin impact
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