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Upcoming hack’n’slash ARPG game of 2023!

First look on Superfuse

Superfuse is an upcoming ARPG game developed by Stitch Heads Entertainment and published by Raw Fury. The comic book style action game is coming out on Jan 31th of 2023 on Pc via Steam store.


Superfuse is a comic-book-inspired hack-and-slash ARPG with a robust and user-friendly skill customization system. Tailor your skills to fit your unique preferences as you select one of three classes and embark on this journey alone or with up to three friends. When it comes to fighting corruption, the genetically modified superheroes are ready. So by the name of the gods, you need to be that hero!


On to Superfuse’s gameplay, which revolves around the game’s three classes. The elementalist, berserker, and technomancer, with each of them specializing in a different playstyle, Firstly, the elementalist counts as a caster. Secondly, the berserker counts as a melee fighter, while the technomancer has access to a variety of robots that fight under his command. However, the fun part of Superfuse only begins after you level up and unlock new skills in your chosen class. You can even fuse skills due to a DNA-style upgrade that alters the abilities in unexpected and amazing ways. For example, projectiles can split into smaller missiles or shoot further, faster, and more.

Superfuse also has a single mode for offline play and a multiplayer mode for online play with friends. This allows a more fun experience and combos to be born within the game during raids and fights against creatures turned into monsters by the virus. Thirdly, fight across the stars and planets of the solar system and others through deadly challenges for amazing rewards.

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