Last Fortress: Celebrating a Year of Adventure

Last Fortress: Celebrating a Year of Adventure

The First Anniversary of Last Fortress: Celebrating a Year of Post-Apocalyptic Adventure

Last Fortress, the popular post-apocalyptic game, is about to celebrate its first anniversary. With the anniversary festivities set to begin on April 29th, players are in for a two-week-long celebration filled with exciting in-game events and rewards.

Firework Celebration Event

The anniversary celebration will kick off with a unique occasion called the “Firework Celebration.” Every hour, fireworks will light up over the cities in the game, and players will receive a ton of rewards after the display. This event is an excellent opportunity for players to stock up on resources and level up their characters.

he First Anniversary of Last Fortress

Welcoming Veteran Players

The Last Fortress studio would like to invite veteran players to return to the game and join forces with their allies in battles. To celebrate their return, the game will offer plenty of speed-up items and resource bundles to help them catch up quickly in progress and regain their advantage on the battlefield. The inviter will also receive rewards.

Unveiling New Factions

The anniversary celebration will also mark the unveiling of two new factions, the Lawbringers and Wreakers. Palmer and Soros will join the Last Fortress this time, and players will see a special plot and storyline for the two heroes. They will also have a chance to get them directly through relevant events.

Lucky Star Event

The Lucky Star event is another outstanding occasion to anticipate. One lucky winner will be picked on each server every single day, and one incredibly lucky recipient will receive an unidentified present on the last day of the tournament. The official community will also host the Lucky Star event, where 30 lucky winners will be chosen and could each receive a variety of in-game stuff.

he First Anniversary of Last Fortress

Limited-Edition Gift Codes

In addition to the events mentioned above, the community will surprise gamers with limited-edition gift codes. These codes are an excellent opportunity to get your hands on some exclusive in-game items.

Story Collection Event

The Last Fortress allows players to exchange their particular memories for enigmatic presents. The team will select some well-written stories to share with all players. This event is an excellent opportunity for players to showcase their creativity and writing skills.


The first anniversary of Last Fortress is a significant milestone for the game and its players. With exciting events, rewards, and new factions to discover, players will have plenty to look forward to in the coming weeks. So, join the celebration and experience the post-apocalyptic adventure like never before!

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