Marvel Snap's New Battle Mode: Conquest

Marvel Snap’s New Battle Mode: Conquest

Marvel Snap’s New Battle Mode: Conquest

Marvel Snap is a highly competitive card game that allows players to create powerful decks using Marvel character cards and engage in thrilling matches. The game has captivated players worldwide, and now, an exciting new battle mode called Conquest is set to be announced in June 2023.

Conquest Mode Overview

The upcoming Conquest Mode in Marvel Snap promises to introduce new difficulty levels and fantastic rewards. This game mode was first mentioned in the 2023 Roadmap announcement by Marvel Snap, with a “coming soon” tag attached to it in March 2023. The mode is expected to be officially released in June 2023. Here’s a breakdown of what players can expect:

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Queueing up for Battle

In Conquest Mode, players will queue up to face off against other Snappers in intense battle matches. The objective is to defeat opponents and earn rewards. As players progress and achieve consecutive victories, they will unlock access to higher difficulty levels and face tougher opponents.

Choosing Difficulty Levels

Before each battle, players will have several options to choose from, including Proving Grounds, Bronze, Silver, Gold, Vibranium, and Infinite. Each difficulty level presents a greater challenge and offers corresponding rewards. However, it’s important to note that Proving Grounds is an unranked battle match that does not require any tickets to participate. The other difficulty levels require Tickets, which players can earn by winning league series in the previous tiers.

Earning Medals and Tickets

As players complete each series within Conquest Mode, they will receive medals based on their performance. These medals are crucial for progressing to the next level. Here is a breakdown of the costs, number of wins, and medals required for each difficulty level:

Proving GroundsFree115

Let’s delve deeper into each difficulty level:

Proving Grounds

Proving Grounds serves as an unranked battle mode in which players can engage in matches without any cost. It acts as a warm-up phase before entering the ranked leagues. To earn a Silver Ticket, players must win at least one match and accumulate 15 medals.


The Silver league is the first battle league in Conquest Mode, pitting players against opponents with Silver rank. To advance further, players need to secure two wins and earn 120 medals, which will grant them a Gold Ticket.


In the Gold league, players will face off against formidable opponents with Gold rank. To progress, players must win three matches and collect 370 medals to obtain a ticket for the next league series.


The Infinite league is the pinnacle of Conquest Mode, featuring the highest-ranked players. To enter this league, players must accumulate 1350 medals. Winning five matches within this league is the ultimate challenge and a true testament to a player’s skill and determination.

Marvel Snap’s Conquest Shop

In addition to the exhilarating battles, Marvel Snap will introduce the Conquest Shop. This shop will offer exclusive items that players can purchase using the medals they earn throughout their conquest journey. The shop’s inventory will refresh every season, ensuring that players always have something new to discover and acquire. As the competition intensifies, victories become even more crucial, as a single defeat will bring an end to a player’s current run.

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Final Thoughts

Conquest Mode is a highly anticipated addition to Marvel Snap’s Battle Mode. With its new difficulty levels, enticing rewards, and competitive gameplay, this mode has the potential to motivate players to engage in thrilling battles and climb the ladder of Marvel Snap’s competitive scene. Stay tuned for the official release of Conquest Mode and witness the exciting experiences it will bring to players worldwide.

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