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Sonic Frontiers

Sonic frontiers

Upcoming Sonic platform game?

Sonic Frontier

The upcoming Sonic Frontiers game is coming out on November 8, 2022 on Nintendo SwitchPlayStation 4PlayStation 5WindowsXbox One, and Xbox Series X/S. is an open world game where the environment is stunningly realistic.

Firstly, for the game’s story, Polygon shared a description stating that in Sonic Frontiers, Sonic’s nemesis Dr. Eggman discovers an ancient technology on the Starfall islands and installs his AI program SAGE to hack it and take over it. But there is more to this technology than he realizes, and unintended consequences immediately come to bear. Sonic must race against time to discover the truth,save his friends, and maybe even save himself at the same time.

Many screenshots shared by the game developers show structures and towers that we’ll manually activate to access other locations and continue our adventure. However, it is surrounded by the sea, so our guess is a teleportation mechanic.
An anonymous leaked information back  2019 saying : “A new free-roaming action/adventure game that propels the Sonic franchise is a bold new direction. The evil Dr. Eggman has created an amazing AI entity that has spiraled out of control. Meanwhile, Sonic wakes up,groggy and suffering from amnesia,with questions but few answers;

  • The sonic univers characters you love, four exotic islands to explore. Skyscraper-sized titan boss battles.
  • Adventure through vast-terrains and explore the starfall islands.
  • New close-combat system and unique powerful moves take down enemies.
  • Go super sonic mode to battle massive skyscraper-sized enemies.
  • Strengthen skills to level up sonic’s abilities.
  • Solve puzzples.
  • Thrilling graphiques and cinematic music.

Most compelling evidence suggests Dr. Eggman is still a villain in the story. The only difference is he didn’t create the machines, he hacked into them. As a result, he lost control over them, which eventually led to their turning against him.

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