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Asterigos Curse of the stars

Asterigos Curse of the Stars

Check out this Upcoming action RPG game!

Asterigos Curse of the stars

First look on Asterigos Curse of the Stars 

Asterigos Curse of the Stars is an upcoming action RPG game that launches on October 11th of this year on PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series, and PC via Steam.


Asterigos Curse of the Stars Story is about the young warrior known as Hilda. On her journey through the ruined city of Aphes to find her lost father. throughout her journey, in a world full of magic monsters that were once habitants of the city and Mystery. Keep in mind that Asterigos uses ancient Roman and Greek culture as a source of inspiration.


Asterigos: Curse of the Stars is apparently a sword and shield-based fighting style game. You can also switch to a spear, daggers, a staff for magic, as well as magical bracelets. This fighting style is surely fun, as each weapon has a unique utility and advantages against monsters. Switching between strength and agility or mixing both are all options for you to choose from. 
Besides the main story events, there will be side quests as well to accomplish in Asterigos’ Curse of the Stars. Also, there are about 60 types of enemies and up to 22 bosses to defeat. Players won’t get bored with a variety of different species to kill with all the magical sorcery abilities. While secondary events enable players to experience different combos and all sorts of flashy attacks, take note that there are about 100 collectables for you to gather while having fun and exploring the world. 
Apparently, there is a stamina bar for you to consume wisely when exploring this world and fighting monsters. Potions take part in Asterigos’s Curse of the Stars as well as helping you with your daily challenges, so be sure to keep some of them all the time.

For gameplay details checkout this video.
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