Ensemble Stars x Anipop: New collab brings rewards & content

Ensemble Stars x Anipop: New collab brings rewards & content

Ensemble Stars x Anipop: New collab brings rewards & content

Ensemble Stars!! Music collaborates with Anipop to bring new in-game content and rewards

Ensemble Stars
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Ensemble Stars!! Music, a popular mobile idol management gacha music-based game, has announced a new collaboration with Anipop, the most-played Match-3 game in China with over 800 million downloads. This exciting partnership brings a variety of time-limited in-game content and rewards for players to enjoy.

Anipop PASS and Event Limited Scene

Players who log into Ensemble Stars!! Music between April 8 and April 23 (GMT-5) can access the Anipop PASS and Event Limited Scene. This special pass provides access to exclusive in-game content, including new characters and event stages.

New original scout: Scout! Unbelievable Adventure

One of the main attractions of the Ensemble Stars x Anipop collaboration is the new original scout, Scout! Unbelievable Adventure. This scout promises to deliver thrilling new cards for players to add to their collection. The event cards include Subaru Akehoshi, Shinobu Sengoku, Rinne Amagi, and Kanata Shinkai.

Exclusive collaboration furniture

In addition to new characters and cards, players can also look forward to receiving exclusive collaboration furniture. The Joyous Camp Series includes items such as the Purple Amy Camping Tent, Lemon Remon Plushie, Green Idol Plushie, Blue Dudu Plushie, Rosy Mona Plushie, Coffee Lot Plushie, Joyous Stage Poster (Anipop Collab.), Picnic Mat, Camping Bush Wall, and Camping Grass Floor. These items are only available for a limited time, so players should act quickly to get their hands on them.

Packs & Top-up Bonuses

Players can also take advantage of Packs & Top-up Bonuses that are available as part of the collaboration. These bonuses provide players with extra in-game items and currency to help them progress in the game.

Anipop Match-3 Mini Game

For players who enjoy mini-games, the Anipop Match-3 Mini Game offers the chance to win prizes. By completing certain rounds of the game, all of the server’s producers can get rewards of Whistle (Time-Limited) 15 and Diamond 300. Players can increase their scores and earn more points by using props like the hourglass and hammer.

In conclusion, the Ensemble Stars x Anipop collaboration brings exciting new content and rewards to the popular mobile game. With new characters, cards, furniture, and mini-games, players have plenty of reasons to log in and enjoy this limited-time event. Don’t miss out on this unique opportunity to experience the best of both worlds – music and adorable animal interactions with well-known idols!

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